Serjeant in Khaki Drill (Boer War Period)

Boer War 2

The Serjeant wears the khaki drill frock and trousers, worn with knee length sand colour puttees, and foreign service helmet with khaki drill cover.

It is worn with 1888, Slade Wallace equipment.

On his right side is his round cloth covered water bottle, whilst on his left side he again carries the havresack.

In this order he wears two ammunition pouches, one either side of the belt clasp, which is of other ranks, general service form, in guilding metal, with his bayonet frog and bayonet carried on his left side over the havresack.

He wears serjeants stripes in gold bullion, with the pincers and hammer badge above indicating that he is an armourer by trade.

He carries the .303” Lee-Enfield bolt action rifle, which has a ten round detachable magazine.