Worthing – Broadwater

Name Rank & Number Battalion Age Died Grave Ref Cemetery Notes


P S AYLING Private G/7175 Depot. 15/06/1915 A1. 18. 15. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY
J BISHOP Private 1200 12th Bn. 05/12/1914 A9. 8. 37. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY
J G BLAKE Private SD/1657 22/06/1919 A12. 8. 12. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY
J BUTCHER Private 6052 “C” Coy. 1st Bn.
Secondary Regiment: Labour Corps transf. to (464603) 695th Agricultural Coy.
39 22/03/1919 A7. 10. 10. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of Henry and Sarah Butcher; husband of Eleanor Marie Butcher, of 22, Penfold Rd., Broadwater, Worthing.

Percy Guy CARPENTER Private 4119 2nd/4th Bn. 28 18/03/1916 A9. 3. 47 WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of Mr. A. H. Carpenter, of 74, Newland Rd., Worthing.

R (Raymond from War Memorial) CHAMP Private G/1241 2nd Bn. 28 04/07/1915 A12. I. 97. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Born Cowfold, Sussex
Enlisted Worthing

A E A COBY Private 9076 28 10/12/1916 A7. 21. 37. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of Alfred and Ellen Coby, of 9, Milton St., Worthing.

W E COLLIER Corporal 290216 15th Bn.
(Formerly 1/4th Bn.)
49 26/01/1918
at home – Military hospital Cambridge

Son of Mr & Mrs Henry Collier

William Percy GILES Corporal TF/203077 4th Bn. 38
(from 1901 census)

Son of Mrs. Giles, of 100, Beckett Rd., Worthing.
Born Storrington, Sussex
Enlisted Worthing.

E GODDEN L/Cpl 853 7th Bn. 22/12/1917 A9. I. 23. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of John Godden, of “Chiswick,” Tarring Rd., West Worthing.

H G GREENFIELD Private 7331 10th Bn.
Secondary Regiment: Labour Corps transf. to (441243)

Son of E. and C. Greenfield; husband of Mrs. E. A. Guile (formerly Greenfield), of 19, Broadwater St., Broadwater, Worthing.
Born at Worthing.

William Frederick HOLDEN Private 8298970 4th Bn. 26 16/02/1921 A7. J. 41. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of Frederick Charles and Elena Holden (stepmother).
Born at Chichester, Sussex.

Harry Frank PARSONS Private 139 11th Bn. 22 28/01/1916 A6. 18. 15. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of Mrs. Annie Parsons, of 19, Eldon Rd., Worthing.

R W REEVES Private 266530 6th Bn. 26 05/11/1918 A6. 7. 17 WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of T. W. and Ellen Reeves, of 28, Valencia Rd., Worthing.

F C SEARLE Private M/320389 2nd Bn. 28/06/1919 A12. 8. II. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Searle, of Golf Link Cottages, Broadwater, Worthing.

F SLAUGHTER M.M. & Bar Private G/1727 7th Bn. 17/07/1919 A7. 9. 13. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Husband of G. Slaughter, of 15, Stanhope Rd.; Worthing.

Leonard SLAUGHTER Sjt SD/4087 13th Bn. 29 07/07/1916 B13. 9. 3. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of Cunetia A. Slaughter, of 474, Home St., Winnipeg, Canada, and the late W. H. Slaughter.
Born at Worthing.
His brother Hubert Melville Slaughter also fell.

William SMITH Private G/1137 3rd Bn. 35 01/11/1918 AII. 7. 19. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of William Winton Smith and Catherine Octavia Smith, of 215, Ham Rd., Worthing.

George STRICKLAND Private D/5064 4th Bn. 53 18/02/1943 Sec. A.16. Row 7. Grave 26. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of John William and Elizabeth Strickland; husband of Ione C. K. Strickland, of Worthing.

Fred VINCENT Private 135 7th Bn.
Secondary Regiment: Labour Corps transf. to (469369)
30 09/03/1919 A7. 21. 52. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY

Son of Charles Hodder Vincent and Elizabeth Vincent, of Clapton, Somerset, husband of Dorothy Lilian Vincent, of 155, Pavilion Rd., Worthing.

C H WALLER L/Cpl SO/1750 7th Bn. 14/11/1918 A7. 14. 53. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY
T L WILLIAMS Private 562 11th Bn. 15/01/1919 B13. I. 14. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY
F E WILLMER Private 2991 72nd Provisional Bn. 12/12/1915 A12. 9. 12. WORTHING (BROADWATER) CEMETERY