Lance/Serjeant in full marching order

The Serjeant again wears the full dress tunic, blue heavy cloth trousers, and home service helmet.

In marching order it is worn with the buff cross straps needed to support the full equipment, which was composed of the valise (a rectangular back pack), strapped to the back of which are his blanket, mess tin, and great coat. On his right side is his Oliver pattern water bottle, whilst on his left side is his havresack (note old spelling).

In this order he wears two ammunition pouches, one either side of the belt clasp, which is of other ranks, general service form, in guilding metal, with his bayonet frog and bayonet carried on his left side over the havresack.

He wears serjeants stripes in white worsted, indicating that he is a lance serjeant. A full serjeant would wear gold bullion stripes.