Pte in full dress uniform

Private in Full Dress Uniform

A private again late 1880s, wearing a full dress tunic. This is tailored garment, again with seven brass general service buttons to the front, which is piped in white. The tunic has a double row of piping from the waiste down at the rear, forming a central panel, each of these rows of piping are topped with a single brass general service button. Trousers are again of heavy blue cloth, with a quarter inch red welt to the outside seems. Collar dogs to Regimental pattern.

The extra layer of cloth worn on the shoulder is a shoulder protector. It was introduced with the .303” Lee-Metford Magazine Rifle in 1888, which, because of its bolt action was carried flat to the shoulder. The protector pad was worn to prevent the oil from the rifle action soiling the tunic.

The headdress is the 1878 pattern home service helmet, in blue cloth. This is fitted in guilding metal, with a chin chain, attached at each side of the helmet by a rosette shaped fastener. The helmet is topped with a cruciform shape and a six sided spike. The helmet plate is in two parts, the plate, an eight pointed star, with laurel wreath, and summounted by a Victorian (Queen’s) Crown, with a centre plate of a circle containing the words Royal Sussex, around the Regimental collar badge emblem, backed by scarlet cloth of the same type as the tunic.

The same buff leather equipment is worn here, of belt, ammunition pouch, and bayonet and frog.