Brighton – Downs

Brighton – Downs/Woodvale Cemeteries

The cemetery, in Hartington Road, belongs to the Brighton and Preston Cemetery Company, Ltd. It was opened in 1886, and covers 30 acres. It contains 118 scattered War Graves; and a War Cross is erected on the main drive, at the top end of the Cemetery. The medical units stationed at Brighton included the 2nd Eastern General Hospital, the Kitchener Military Hospital (which became the 10th Canadian General), an Indian Hospital and New Zealand Convalescent Homes.

Name Rank & Number Battalion Age Died Grave Ref Cemetery Notes


C F BONUS Lance Corporal G/21467 12/04/1917 G. 786. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY
O S Bridle Pte 21543 Depot 04/01/1919 S. 497 BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY
C J DAVIS Pte 170400 Sussex Yeomanry 20/10/1918 T. 1260 BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY
George Herbert DAWES Sjt 20339 4th Bn 39 01/10/1915 N. 407 BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of Frederick and Harriett Dawes; husband of Rosalind Elizabeth Dawes, of 26, Artillery St., Brighton.
Born at Brighton.

A J DRAKE Pte 20997 2nd/4th Bn 48 18/04/1918 ZA. 364 BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of James and Elizabeth Drake.

G E ELLIS Pte 1439 Sussex Yeomanry 18/10/1914 I. 258. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY
Harold James FEIST Pte G/11539 11th Bn 20 08/09/1917 BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of Louise Ada Feist, of 34, Viaduct Rd., Brighton, and the late James Ambrose Feist.

Albert Charles GALE Pte 265811 “B” Coy. 2nd/6th Bn. 34 04/04/1920 D. 858. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Husband of Jessie Gale, of 53, Whippingham Rd., Brighton.
Born in London.

Leonard GOODE L/Sjt 265451 2nd/6th Bn. 36 28/06/1920 QB. 16. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of John Gregory Goode and Caroline Goode.

Alfred Henry HAYLER L/Cpl L/10573 9th Bn. 27 15/08/1917 Q. 291. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of G. and A. Hayler, of Pulborough.

A E HOLLAND Pte T/2259 1st/6th Bn. 21 16/02/1916 H. 801. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of William Thomas Holland, of 2, Whichelo Place, Brighton.

Herbert Charles LITTLE Pte 7625 “B” Coy. 9th Bn. 22 17/07/1918 A. 1110. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of George James and Charlotte Jane Little, of 5, Oak Cottages, Mill Rd., Burgess Hill, Sussex.

A MARCHANT Pte 265387 2nd/6th Bn. 10/04/1920 P.1003. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY
Frank Leslie OSBORNE Pte G/16766 2nd Bn. 20 12/02/1919 Q. 309. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of Alfred Jarratt Osborne and Annie K. Osborne, of 35, Cheltenham Place, Brighton.

William George OWENS Pte G/5391 2nd Bn. 21 08/10/1918 O. IA. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of Charles Frederick and Alice Clara Owens, of 48, Robertson Rd., Preston Park, Brighton.

T F H ROGERS Pte SR/315 8th Bn. 50 14/04/1918 P. 793. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Husband of Florence Rogers, of 26, Guildford Rd., Brighton.

G E SIMMONS Pte 3189 9th Bn.
Secondary Regiment Labour Corps transf. to (139446)
A H TULLETT Pte 894 6th Bn 07/09/1916 Z. 672. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY


Richard Thomas GRINYER Pte 15th Sussex (Brighton) Bn. (Home Guard) 49 01/08/1944 X.C. Grave 245. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Husband of Bessie A. M. Grinyer, of North Moulsecoomb, Brighton.

George Albert JARROLD Pte D/21660 30th Bn 54 09/05/1942 BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY

Son of George and Ethel Jarrold; husband of Maud Emily Jarrold, of Brighton.

H WELLER Volunteer 15th Sussex (Brighton) Bn. (Home Guard) 07/02/1942 Sec. J. Grave 362. BRIGHTON (THE DOWNS) CEMETERY