The Royal Sussex Regimental Association


Association details.


The Regimental Association exists to support former members of the Regiment.

There are branches of the Association in towns throughout Sussex, as well as a London Branch.


·       Arundel Branch

·       Brighton Branch

·       Chichester Branch

·       Eastbourne Branch

·       Hastings Branch

·       Lewes Branch

·       London Branch

·       Midhurst Branch

·       Mid-Sussex Branch


The Association produces an annual journal "The Roussillon Gazette", and periodic news letters.

For further details of the Association please contact:-


Tel:    01243 752350

Fax:   01243 789241



Association CALENDAR 2010


St George’s Day Service Chichester Cathedral

23 April 2010 -11:30hrs

This will follow the normal pattern starting at 11 :3Ohrs.

Red roses will be available in the Cathedral for a donation, courtesy of Bobby Burns.

Our guests:        Lord Lieutenant West Sussex,     High Sheriff of West Sussex,     Mayor of Chichester


St George’s Day Officers Lunch

23rd April 2010 - 13:30 hrs

It has been decided that the Lunch will be held, as last year in “The Dining Room” (Located opposite the council rooms in North Street). The cost will be £24 per head slightly more expensive than last but only to be expected.

A firm commitment has to be given by mid March so please contact the Regimental Secretary by 14th March if you would like to attend.


Goodwood Race Day

1st May 2010 - 14:00 hrs

Now confirmed as the 1 May, we have a Regimental Box again this year. Why not give it a try the cost is £45 per head, for this you get:                         

·      A race card

·      Finger buffet which last year was excellent

·      Your own tote

·      Your own bar

·      Preference parking

·      An excellent view of the course

·      Afternoon tea

Those that used it last year felt that for the cost it was good value. Click here for an application form.

On the down side our ticket allocation has been reduced by a third so it follows that allocations to all must be reduced.


Museum Open Day

9th  August 2010

This is now confirmed.

A programme will be produced nearer the day.

It will be a day out starting about 1030 and finishing at 1600, there will be a finger buffet at lunch with tea and soft drinks available. (It is hoped to have a bar, if on license regulations for the Redoubt permit).



Association Reunion

Saturday, 11th September 2010 - 17:30 hrs

The maximum seats available for the dinner is 400.

Tickets cost £25 each, this is for a three course meal including wine and beer on the table as normal.

They will be available from 1st of April.      Click here for an application form.

• 15:30 hrs Executive Meeting followed by Annual General Meeting.



Can you help?

John Jay writes:

I am trying to make contact with the family of the late John Lawrence.

The reason is that my late father, Alec Jay, was in a prisoner of war working party with him in early 1944 and they were involved in organising a strike against bad conditions along with an Australian called Bill McGuinness.

I am trying to put together details of my father’s POW experiences and it is possible that Private Lawrence’s family may have information that might help me. I have purchased John Lawrence’s book, A POW’s Story, which may contain useful information but the family may have further details that may be helpful.

John can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone on 07836 621930.


Sarrah Feldman writes:

I don't know whether you will be able to help me,  I might be totally grasping at straws but this is my story....

In 1951/52 my father Lt. Col. Richard Basset, was serving with The Rifle Brigade (now the Royal Green Jackets) in Egypt. When families were permitted to go my mother, accompanied by myself and my
brother went to join my father. We were living in what used to be an Italian prisoner of war camp, which was renamed Kensington Village! I was two years old when I got ill and was admitted to the nearest army  hospital, it turned out that I had typhoid, I was quarantined for several weeks and my mother was not allowed to see me.

Because the hospital was short staffed I was looked after by a soldier, who was himself recovering from typhoid, called Frankie. My mother tells me he came from Brighton and she thinks he was serving with the
Royal Sussex Regiment. When eventually my mother was allowed to see me she tells me that I just started crying and calling for Frankie! Although I was too young to remember this story after, much re-telling over the years, has become part of my childhood.

I know it's a long shot and the information I have is extremely scanty but I would very much like to try and find Frankie.

I would appreciate any help you might be able to give me in my search.

Sarrah can be contacted at:


Karen O’Brien  writes:

 I am researching my Dad's military career. He served with the 1st battalion in Suez. He was there from 1949-53. His name was John 'Pat' O'Brien & he was a Colour Sergeant.

I am trying to find anyone that remembers him, as although I know he served in Suez & Jordan, I know nothing about what he did there. I have an album with many photos & names.
I am very keen to contact a Jerry 'Darkie' Webb, who I’m told is  still around, but did not have any contact details for him. I have several  photos of him & his wife, with my parents, so I assume they were friends.
Sadly, my dad passed away in 1978, very unexpectedly. I have applied for the GSM Canal Zone on his behalf.
Karen can be contacted by e-mail at :


Michael de Gruchy writes:

On behalf of a friend, I'm attempting to contact Michael Howlett Johnson, of the Royal Sussex Regiment.

He enlisted around 1957 and was a captain in the regiment in 1962.

He also served with the 1st bn Ghana Regiment in the 1960s.


If you have any information please send it to the following e-mail address or forward the address to Mr Johnson so he may respond.


Terry Harwood writes:

I am wondering, is there anyone out there who served in the 1st battalion in the Suez in 1951 - 1953.
I was in B Company Royal Sussex. MELF 16, and would like to hear from anyone who was out there at that time.
I would also like to know if anyone has received the medal that they were promised.
If they have received it I would like to know how I would go about receiving mine as I would like to show my grandchildren.

Terry can be contacted at via our e-mail address.


Dennis Verlander writes:

I am trying to contact members of The Royal Sussex Regiment who visited "Petra" whilst stationed at Aqaba,50/51 I was attached with the 4th Royal Tank Regiment.

Dennis can be contacted by e-mail at: